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You won’t find it affordable in any other place than us.

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We ensure providing the best quality products to our customers.

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We provide all solutions to your gaming needs under one roof.

3 Years Warranty

3 years warranty on all PC components.

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All India Shipping Available with Live-Time Tracking.

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Why there is no Cash on Delivery?

There is no provision of transactions of 50k & above in most of the couriers, even if that option provided by some courier that cash takes 15-20 days to reach us which affects our inventory.

What Happens if I receive a damaged/faulty Product?

Do not worry about that. All our shipments are fully insured for damage, loss, natural calamity, and accident. You just need to make a video while opening the pack. If anything is found to be damaged in transit then we shall replace the same. If the shipment is lost in transit then we shall send you a new product. So you are 100% safe.

Why Should I Trust

We totally understand your concern regarding spending your hard-earned money but you may know that Anmol Jaiswal who is the Founder & CEO of is a well-known Internet Personality & has 3 YouTube channels with a great following running since last 3 years, so you do not have to worry about anything & we assure you that nothing will go wrong.

We as a company grow only if the customer trusts us.

What cases are not covered by warranty?

Warranty is voided given one of the following conditions –

  1. When you try to open the part yourself
  2. It gets damaged physically
  3. It gets burnt.
  4. Water goes inside it.

Are the prices mentioned on the website, including GST ?

All prices mentioned on, are inclusive of GST and any other taxes mandated by the government.


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